The 4th Student Poster Competition Session

Welcome to the ICOH 2018 Student Poster Competition Session. The 4th Student Competition at the ICOH Congress 2018 is a forum where students in occupational health will have the opportunity to showcase their original research, meet other students involved with occupational health and safety, and interact with occupational health professionals. The Competition will be held over three days: Tuesday 1st May through Thursday 3rd May. Each student should hang his/her poster in the Poster Hall on Monday, 30th April and attend the Welcome Session on Monday, 30th April. Each student will be assigned to one day during which his/her poster will be judged. Students will stand by their work for one hour each in the morning and again in the afternoon on their assigned day. Each student will be interviewed and the poster will be critiqued separately by two judges from the International Judging Panel. Other interested Congress attendees are also welcome to browse the displayed posters, ask questions to the student presenters. After all posters are evaluated, the highest scoring posters will receive the following Awards.



The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) organizes the Student Poster Competition, provides the Chairperson, and invites volunteers to serve as Logistics Manager and judges for the International Judging Panel.  Each student is interviewed by two Judges, who provide scores according to the Judging Criteria provided below. The Executive Committee includes the Chairperson and six Judges who review the scores and decide the winners, ICOH provides monetary prizes on May 4th at the Closing Ceremony of the ICOH2018 Congress. The ICOH awards are as follows:


  • First place winner: Monetary prize of CHF700
  • Second place winner: Monetary prize of CHF500
  • Third place winner: Monetary prize of CHF300
  • Five runners-up: Monetary prize of CHF100


The Irish Faculty of Occupational Medicine Doughty Prize of €300 will be awarded to the best poster on the theme of ‘Work Organisation and Psychosocial Factors. The award will be based on the scores assigned to the posters by the International Judging Panel, with the highest ranked poster chosen for the award. Should there be a tie, the score obtained for Discussion/ Implication of results will be used to decide. Should this also be a tie, then the following in turn in this order will be used to select the winner: Ability of author to present research and answer questions; Description of methods; Description of results; Introduction and objectives; General completeness and appearance of poster. If after that, the scores remain the same then a random draw will be made by the chair of the judging panel. The consensus decision of the Executive Committee of the International Judging Panel will be final.   The prize will be presented on May 4th at the Closing Ceremony of the ICOH2018 Congress.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RISK AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT (IIRSM) PRIZE for the most popular student poster voted by participating students

This prize encourages students to interact with each other and the attendees to visit the Student Poster display and interact with the students. The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, a Sustaining Member of ICOH, will award a prize of €250 to the Most Popular Poster voted by Students participating in the Competition.


The Cardinus Risk Management prize of €500 is a new prize for this Congress that will be awarded to the Most Popular Poster voted by attendees participating in ICOH 2018.


Ballots will be provided in the Registration Packets. The vote can be deposited in the Ballot Boxes at the Logistics Manager’s desk near the Student Posters from 10.00 on Tuesday through to 14.00 on Thursday. Students and attendees are invited to view the Student Posters at any time during the Congress and to interact with the Students standing at their posters during the morning tea/coffee break and lunch break from Tuesday through Thursday. The monetary prizes will be awarded on May 4th at the Closing Ceremony to the Student whose Poster received the highest number of votes from the other Students and to the Student whose Poster receiving the highest number of votes from attendees.


The WELCOME Session will be held on Monday 30th April from 10:00 to 10:40 in Liffey Hall 2.
The Student Poster Competition will be located in the Ground Floor Exhibition Area.
The students will be assigned to one day to stand at their posters for interviews by two judges during the morning coffee break and during the lunch break.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Friday Networking Lunch for Students, Early Career, and Experienced Experts from 12:30-13:30 in Liffey A.                                  

Prizes will be awarded at the Friday Closing Ceremony from 13:30 – 15:00.

  Morning Tea/Coffee Break    Lunchtime Student Poster Activities
Monday 10.00 – 10.40 12.20 – 13.20   Welcome Session
Tuesday 10.00 – 10.40 12.40 – 13.40   Student Interviews
Wednesday 10.00 – 10.40 12.20 – 13.20   Student Interviews
Thursday 10.00 – 10.40 12.20 – 13.20   Student Interviews
Friday Networking Lunch for Students, Early Career, and Experienced Experts    12:30-13:30
 Friday Closing Ceremony  13:30 – 15:00 Prizes Awarded


Student Poster Competition Welcome


Monday 30th April 10:00 – 10:45

12:25 – 13:30

Student Poster Competition Session Day 1 Tuesday   1st May 10:00 – 1040

12:40 – 13:30







Student Poster Competition Session Day 2 Wednesday 2nd May 10:00 – 10:45

12:25 – 13:30

Student Poster Competition Session Day 3 Thursday 3rd May 10:00 – 10:45

12:25 – 13:30

Student Competition Awards presented at the ICOH 2018 Congress Closing Ceremony Friday 4th May 14:00 – 15:30 Main



  1. Students should attend a brief Welcome Session from 10:00 – 10:40 in Liffey Hall 2 on Monday, 30th April. The International Judging Panel will host the Welcome Session. The students will meet the International Judging Panel and each other.
  2. The Welcome Session includes: Welcome, Introducing the International Judging Panel and explaining the judging process, paper copies of Poster block assignments and interview dates and times, a briefing on the ICOH prizes, Irish Faculty of Occupational Medicine Doughty Prize, and the Most Popular Poster Prizes.
  3. All student posters should be put up in the assigned Poster Hall between 09:00 and 20:00 on Monday, 30th April. Each student/presenter is responsible for removing his/her own poster between 15:00 and 19:00, Thursday May 3rd. Posters that are left behind after the specified time will be disposed of by the Secretariat.
  4. Presenters are requested to put up their own posters in the specified area. The posters should be affixed to the poster boards using Velcro, not drawing pin or double-sided tape. We can supply the Velcro if needed; request Velcro at the Registration Desk. However, we encourage you to bring your own Velcro if possible. PLEASE NOTE that the size of the poster is 841mm in width and 1189mm in height (A0 size).
  5. Although posters will be displayed all day long for three days, students must stand by their posters on their assigned day during the coffee break in the morning and the lunch break in the afternoon, so that they may respond to questions from session attendees and judges. Each poster will be evaluated separately by two judges.
  6. Students and Judges must check-in at the Logistics Manager’s desk near the Student Posters at the beginning of the morning tea break and again at the beginning of the lunch break on their assigned days. Judges will be assigned to posters for judging.
  7. The judging Score Sheets for each day will be given to the Judges by the Student Competition Logistics Manager, at the desk near the posters.
  8. Scores from all of the Score Sheets will be tallied. Following review at the Thursday Meeting of the Executive Committee of Judges, the winning posters will be decided.
  9. The 4th Student Poster Competition prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony of ICOH Congress 2018 on 4th May 2018.


Poster content must be in ENGLISH and poster presenters should be able to describe their work in ENGLISH. Please be aware that each of the two judges will arrive at your poster sometime during the designated morning or afternoon hour on your scheduled judging day. Due to scheduling difficulties, it is not possible to add or move posters to another time period during the competition. If you have any questions regarding the time when you need to be at your poster, please ask the 4th Student Competition organizers during the Welcome Session. Please remain close to your poster during your appointed judging day both in the morning and in the afternoon assigned hours, so that you can begin your poster presentation promptly when each judge arrives. A significant portion of the evaluation score is based on whether students are present to answer questions. There are many judges for each poster day; if your poster is skipped by a judge, do not be concerned. Each student poster will be judged twice. If for some reason your poster is not judged by two different judges during the poster session, please contact the Student Competition Logistics Manager. Students will be given a total of seven minutes to present their posters. We suggest you give a five– or six-minute presentation and allow one to two minutes for questions. After ten minutes, the judge will move to the next poster. Please attend the ICOH closing ceremony on 4th May 2018, during which awards will be given to Student Poster Competition winners.


Student presenters are required to stand by their posters during their assigned poster times to explain their work and respond to questions from an international panel of judges. The ability of students to field questions is an important component of the judging criteria.

1. Introduction and objectives (15 points)

The introduction should accurately and concisely discuss background information and rationale for the study. The problem should be stated clearly and contextualized with regard to current information. The objectives of the study or (if the study is currently underway) the intended objectives must be discussed. The following criteria will be applied:

      • Adequate background information
      • Clear and concise statement of the problem
      • Establishment of strong rationale for the study
      • Relevance of the research question to literature gap
      • Objectives of the study

2. Description of methods (15 points)

The methodology should be presented with technical exactitude and provide the following:

      • Clear and precise explanation of the methods
      • Appropriateness of methods for addressing the research question

3. Description of results (15 points)

Results, or expected results, should be explained and interpreted. These criteria should be met:

      • Adequate and convincing summary of results
      • Interpretation with appropriate quantitative or qualitative units
      • Appropriateness of procedure for addressing the problem
      • Valid interpretation of significance of findings

4. Discussion/ Implication of results (20 points)

The presentation should explain the significance of the results, especially in the context of related research. Discussion should include the benefits to the study approach, the limitations/constraints of the methodology, future improvements in study design, etc. The criteria are as follows:

      • Explanation for how the conclusions emerge logically from the results
      • Implications of research with regard to current knowledge
      • Comparison of results to other studies
      • Explanation of critical limitations / constraints of methods or approach
      • Future improvements to study design

5. General completeness and appearance of poster (15 points)

The quality of the poster with regard to formatting, materials and information presented is assessed according to the following criteria:

      • Title and abstract to effectively highlight the poster’s subject matter
      • List of all authors and affiliations
      • Adequate summary of introduction, methods, and conclusions
      • Clear tables and figures and their correlation with information presented in other sections
      • Appropriate titles and labels, captions and clear materials are used in the poster
      • Correct and exact format
      • Use of correct spelling and grammar

6. Ability of author to present research and answer questions (20 points)

Note: If the presenter is not a student, no points should be assigned to this criterion. 

This part is to assess the ability of the student to explain the study and field questions from the judges. The following criteria are applied:

  • Whether the student was available to present the poster
  • Student’s engagement with the research and clear explanation for the rationale for the study
  • Accurate explanations of each sub-section
  • Ability to answer questions correctly
  • Clear and articulate speaking and presenting information with confidence

Total Score (100 points)

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